Lenox Instrument Company Borescopes for Internal Visual Inspection
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High Temp Furnace and Boiler Cameras for Safe Remote Inspection

Lenox Instrument Company, a custom borescope manufacturer, makes high temp furnace and boiler cameras and remote inspection technology to aid industries that need ongoing inspection for unsafe and sensitive locations in their operations. Many industries work in high temperature and harsh chemical environments that make close inspection by inspection personnel unsafe or, in some cases, impossible. With the advent of borescope technology, inspectors can routinely review the state of their industrial process remotely to determine the fitness of their industrial process. Careful measurements of status can be monitored and adjustments can be made to keep all systems safe and running at their optimum potential. 

There are different types of borescopes depending on the needs of any particular inspection location. Rigid borescopes are of limited range but are highly useful and convenient for short distances. Extendable borescopes offer the convenience of the rigid models with an extendable feature for incremental inspection procedures. Flexible borescopes give inspectors a greater distance and the capability to move the camera into distant and otherwise inaccessible locations. Videoscopes add the power of videography to the borescope camera, and enable CCTV inspection capability for ongoing real-time inspection. Accessories can add light to the subject, with high intensity illumination that is portable and explosion proof, with an ultraviolet option for an additional inspection capability. Camera systems can provide both still images and video clips, and additional environmental protection against radiation and other environmental factors can be provided, with hardened lenses and other optical accessories for specialty inspection requirements.  

A remote visual inspection (RVI) tools manufacturer can offer many off-the-shelf products for a wide range of well established applications, but a custom borescope manufacturer is also able to assemble and adjust products and systems for new and customized requirements. Whatever the requirement and environmental challenge, they will assemble the right components for an efficient and highly useful inspection system. High temp furnace and boiler cameras are finding more uses and for more industries every day. Talk to a remote visual inspection (RVI) tools manufacturer to see what they can do for you.

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