The Aviation and Aerospace industry have both benefited from the use of borescopes to diagnose problems in engines, landing gear and fuselage areas.

  • From a 747 to a Piper Cub, borescopes facilitate inspections without costly disassembly.
  • Our instruments are used during the manufacture and maintenance of aircraft and helicopters.
  • Configured into kits for commercial, military, business and private aviation.
  • Lenox is recommended by a variety of manufacturers for applications as diverse as spacecraft hydraulic tubing inspection to an Ultraviolet Crack Inspection on a wing.
  • Lenox borescopes are approved on jet engine inspection kits for the T700, T56, and CFM56.


  • US Army Aviation
  • US Navy
  • Teledyne Continental
  • Boeing
  • Pratt & Whitney
  • Textron Lycoming
  • GE