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Lenox Instrument Company has been serving our client for over 90 years

Remote Visual Inspection Tools from Lenox Instrument Company

Go inside your burners, furnaces, boilers, kilns, and incinerators without getting burned. When you want to improve the performance of these high-temperature instruments, you need a camera system that can take the heat. Lenox Instrument Company has the products necessary to visually inspect the inner-workings of this type of equipment in real time to reduce emissions and fuel consumption and improve function and safety.

Internal Visual Inspection with Borescopes
Lenox Instrument Company manufactures a variety of borescopes in their lens grinding and production facility. This in-house capability guarantees customers receive high-quality results. From rigid borescopes to fiberscopes, or flexible borescopes, Lenox Instrument Company offers the right imaging tool for any kind of assembly, no matter how complex.

FireSight Boiler and Furnace Camera Systems
FireSight products from Lenox Instrument are high-temperature camera systems that provide customers with real-time clear images of the combustion process taking place in the chambers of boilers, furnaces, kilns, and other high-temperature equipment. Safety is key when inspecting these kinds of processes. Safe inspection is just as important as having the equipment run effectively to ensure the safety of those working with these machines in the hydrocarbon and petrochemical industries. High-temperature camera systems from Lenox Instrument Company are used in reliability testing for power, steel, glass, refinery, and more.
In addition to borescopes and FireSight systems, Lenox Instrument Company also provides videoscopes that allow real-time viewing on an LCD monitor from a flexible probe with interchangeable heads for a variety of fields and views. Lenox can also customize an assembly to fit a specific need involving extreme temperatures, corrosive environments, radiation exposure, and more.

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