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Lenox Instrument Company has been serving our client for over 90 years

Custom Borescope Manufacturer

Inspection technology has seen a great deal of progress over the years and Lenox has been there along every step of the way. Since 1915, Lenox has provided inspection equipment for a range of industrial uses, and has the latest inspection equipment, including sectional borescopes, flexible fiberscopes, videoscopes, and a range of custom options for your inspections needs.

Invented for places that are difficult or impossible to access, borescope technology has been a necessity for modern industry since its inception. The savings in cost, time, and increased quality control makes borescope technology vitally important in such industries as the automotive and aeronautic industries where the disassembly of large components like turbines would be unfeasible. As a custom borescope manufacturer, Lenox can work with you to determine your specific needs, and make sure you have the right inspection equipment for the job.

Sectional borescopes are extendable for tubular or other multi –task applications, using a modular system with interchangeable heads.  They range in length from 12 -1200”, can be adapted for video and digital hookup. Bright illumination ensures good vision and image quality.

Employing a bundle of fiber optics with an eyepiece at one end and a lens at the other, flexible fiberscopes are used for curved or bent chases and provide access to areas straight or sectional borescopes cannot.  Flexible fiberscopes are also video and digital adaptable, and range in length from 24-240.”

Sometimes a digital or video hookup is required to document the inspection. Lenox has a range of videoscopes and supplemental software to provide that extra degree of inspection documentation, ensuring greater quality control and reducing potential liability.

Built to the highest industry standards, Lenox inspection equipment has developed a technique to create uniform fiber configuration throughout the length of the probe to reduce distortion and improve image quality.
Lenox is one of the leading custom borescope manufacturers, and one of the very few in the country with their own in-house lens grinding and production facilities, making Lenox the go-to source for any type of inspection equipment you need.

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