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Lenox Instrument Company has been serving our client for over 90 years

Borescope Line Card

Lenox Instrument Company has been a U.S. manufacturer of borescope products since 1920. We are
one of the few, if not the only, manufacturer with our own in-house lens grinding and lens production
facility. This allows us to control and maintain the highest quality optics to assure you of the
brightest, clearest, true-color images, whether seen through an eyepiece, captured on film, digital, or
transmitted for viewing on a remote monitor while offering the best prices in the industry.
Lenox videoscope technology lets you enter openings as small as 5 mm, go in up to 540 in., enjoy a bending radius of 100 mm and view the image with resolution of 450 lines horizontal. You will be able to easily and affordably inspect welds, seams and joints, search for corrosion, blockages, deposits, loose parts and debris, observe valve and actuator operation, and view deep inside tubing, piping, heat exchangers, castings, boilers, turbines and fuselages of aircraft. A variety of interchangeable viewing heads are available, including direct wide, direct telephoto and right angle. Depending upon model, a number of different lengths are available ranging from 72 in. up to 540 in. and available with digital image processing allowing you to capture and store images for documentation.
Fiberscopes (Flexible Borescopes)
Lenox has developed a technique to ensure a highly uniform fiber configuration through the length of the probe, to produce the best possible image resolution and virtually zero distortion. We've also placed the objective lens at the distal tip for problem-free focusing. Lenox flexible fiberscopes feature a totally steer able 2 or 4-way articulated tip that allows you to easily manipulate around corners, through pipe bends and past blockages, while ensuring bright, clear viewing of the full range of views inside the inspected piece. All scopes are sealed and waterproof. Diameters range 3.5 mm to 10 mm, with lengths to 240 in.
Rigid Borescopes
Lenox has developed what may be the world's most extensive lines of quality, high performance rigid borescope products. To achieve consistently superior performance, we employ computer-designed optics, stainless steel or aluminum construction, sophisticated in-house lens grinding techniques and highest efficiency coatings throughout the optical path. Optical systems are designed to produce an abundance of near-100%-white light and the highest possible resolution. All feature the highest intensity fiber optic illumination.
Swing-Prism Borescopes
The Lenox "Swing-Prism" borescope saves time by letting you quickly view large areas with a single instrument. Their user-friendly features make them an excellent choice for inspecting combustion chambers and other cavities. Instead of providing a fixed field of view like most borescopes, the Swing-Prism lets you view ahead, behind and around (370° circumferentially, 120° longitudinally) the scope without changing its position and without changing scopes. With this capability, a single Swing-Prism borescope can be used in
applications that would otherwise need three different scopes: right angle, retrospective and forward oblique.
The Lenox Autoscope is a very affordable, (starting at less than $1,000.00) portable battery powered borescope for servicing automotive, truck, and small marine and aviation engines. This optical diagnostic tool lets mechanics inspect diesel and gasoline engines, engine cylinders, valves, manifolds, fuel injectors, arburetors, radiators, and body panels without major disassembly, giving them a bright clear magnified image of potential problems. The units have also been used as an inspection tool in thousands of industrial applications.
Sectional Extendable Borescopes
The Lenox sectional borescope will fit into openings as small as 4 mm, provide working lengths from 12 in. to 1200 in., and deliver resolution to allow identification of flaws as small as 0.0005 in. Probe diameters vailable include 4, 5.5, 8, 10, 23, 35, 45, and 70 mm. These units are used to inspect tubing, drill pipe, vessels and chambers, chemical reactors, hydraulic cylinders, heat exchangers, aircraft landing gear, radioactive quipment, power generation equipment, process lines, vats, rocket casings, foundations of dams and structures, helicopters, tank cars and much more. And, all units are video and digital adaptable.
Universal Inspector
The Universal Inspector is an expandable, fiberoptic borescope system that addresses current and future inspection needs by allowing you to add additional components as needs change. It will replace up to 18 conventional rigid borescopes with one affordable, convenient, state-of-the-art system. A modular system, allowing you to enter through openings as small as 4 mm, go in up to 60 in., and inspect via direct, right ngle, forward oblique or retrospective viewing angles with 10º to 85º fields of view and 360º orbital viewing.
Micro Borescopes
These miniature borescopes are available with diameters as small as 0.5 mm. They deliver a clear, bright image from inside hypodermic needle tubing, through tiny vent holes in turbine blades and within miniature electronic assemblies. Both flexible and semi-rigid models are available, in lengths up to 600 in.
Borescope Accessories
Light sources, including high intensity, portable, explosion-proof and ultraviolet.
Light cables.
Camera / recording systems and adapters for both still and video images.
Environmental protection including protective shrouds and radiation hardened lens.
Specialized optical accessories.