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Universal Inspector Borescopes

The Universal Inspector is a high quality, expandable, fiberoptic borescope system that addresses current and future inspection needs by allowing you to add additional components as needs change. Lenox Universal Inspector will replace up to 18 conventional rigid borescopes with one affordable, convenient, state-of-the-art system. Using this modular system, you can enter through openings as small as 4 mm, go in up to 60 in., and inspect via direct, right angle, forward oblique or retrospective viewing angles with 10o to 85o fields of view and 360o orbital viewing.

Universal Inspector provides a versatile solution of interchangeable components that can be purchased separately as needs change. The heart of the system is the universal eyepiece assembly that includes a universal scope and focus control. Attaching a rotatable objective sleeve (available in right angle, forward oblique and retrospective viewing) completes the system. The system can be quickly expanded and reconfigured by replacing the objective sleeve with one or more thread-on extensions and one of six objective viewing heads. 

The Universal Inspector Fiberoptic Probe requires at a minimum an Eyepiece and an Objective Sleeve or an Objective Head to be operational. Select the Eyepiece probe diameter and Objective Sleeve(s) or Objective Head(s) fit the intended use. An extender section can be added for additional length with the objective head. Call Lenox for alternative eyepiece and sealed objective sleeve lengths.

Item # Item Name Outer Diameter Working Length List Price  
7U040E-370Universal Inspector Borescope Eyepiece - 4.0 mm Dia., 14" Working Length4.0 mm (.157")14"$2,660.00
7U055E-455Universal Inspector Borescope Eyepiece - 5.5 mm Dia., 18" Working Length5.5 mm (.197")18"$2,178.00
7U080E-455Universal Inspector Borescope Eyepiece - 8.0 mm Dia., 18" Working Length8.0 mm (.315")18"$2,178.00


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