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Lenox Instrument Company has been serving our client for over 90 years

Lenox Instrument Company has been serving our client for over 90 years
Lenox FireSight Products  
Designed for Durability  
Pusher Reheat Furnace

spacerClick here to view video of a Reheat pusher furnance as caputred with a Furnace Camera HD.

spacerClick here to view video of a walking beam Reheat furnace as captured with a Furnace Camera HD.

Steel Industry

Lenox has supplied High Temperature Video products, which now includes the Pultz Systems, to the steel industry for over forty years. Our units have been used in Bar Mills, Pipe Mills, Tube Mills, Plate Mills, Pickling Lines, Galvanizing Lines, and Coating Lines.

Use our Furnace Cameras to monitor:

Vacuum Degasser
Slag Drip Spouts
Reheat Furnaces
Electric Arc Furnaces
Continuous Casters
Sintering Operations
Continuous Annealers
Ladle Metallurgy Facility
Tunnel Furnaces
Pellet Operations
Basic Oxygen Furnace

Reduce Air Consumption by More Than 21,000,000 CF per year resulting in a savings of over $5000* per camera system!
*Contact Lenox for all the details.

The FireSight High Temperature remote viewing system is a rugged and durable furnace camera that permits high quality video monitoring of combustion and other processes at your mill. We offer Air Cooled and Water Cooled models in various lengths up to 12 feet with the following options:

  • Direct viewing
  • Right angle viewing
  • Forward oblique viewing
  • 15° to 90° field of view
  • Zoom capabilities up to 10x

A steel industry specialist, with 30 years of experience, is at your disposal to discuss and review your application.

Water Cooled Furnace Camera
Typical Placement in a Walking
Beam Furnace
Click to Enlarge

A partial list of our customers:

  • USX
  • AK Steel
  • Nucor
  • Carpenter Technology
  • ArcelorMittal
  • Gerdau

Lenox Instrument Company recognizes the expense and hardship that original equipment manufactures and end-users face when other makers of high temperature camera systems go out of business or obsolete their product lines. If you need to source a new or replacement product there's a very good chance that Lenox can supply a camera to meet your requirements.


Lenox Water Cooled FireSight Furnace Camera HD.High Temperature Water Cooled Housing. Lenox/Pultz Aluminum Housing
Lenox Water Cooled FireSight Furnace Camera HD.
High Temperature Water Cooled Housing
Lenox High Temperature Camera Housing
Installed Water Cooled Furnace Camera   Billet Monitoring   Furnace Lens Image in
Control Room

Click here to view the Steel Industry Photo gallery.

All Lenox Furnace Cameras Carry a TWO YEAR WARRANTY!


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