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Fired Heaters

Portable and fixed Lenox Fired Heater Camera Systems enable hydrocarbon processing plants to increase fired heater / process heater reliability and performance by providing effective and safe visual inspection for diagnosing and solving problems associated with burners.
  • Improve safety by eliminating manual site port inspections with 24/7 online monitoring.
  • Clearly distinguish flame color, helping to manage NOx and reduce fuel consumption by as much as 2%.

By viewing directly inside a fired heater you can optimize fuel / air ratios by viewing burner performance and identify potential problems such as:

  • Burner light-off failure, flame out and lift-off
  • Flame impingement on tubes, tube displacement and leaks
  • Irregular flame patterns, flame instability and smoky flames

Lenox Fired Heater Camera Systems are the perfect compliment to flame scanners and other combustion monitoring instrumentation.

Refinery and petrochemical plant fired heater / process heater applications include: crude heaters, cokers, hydrocrackers, thermal crackers, catalytic reformers, steam superheaters, vacuum heaters and others.

A partial list of our customers:

Marathon Oil
Dow Chemical
Jacobs Engineering
Norton Engineering

Fired Heaters Fired Heaters
Hazardous Area Camera Housing
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Monitor View of Fire Heater Burner
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Fired Heaters   Fired Heaters
Portable Diagnostic System   Fixed Fire Heater Camera System

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